Gender Equality Across Investment Areas


Women Deliver


Infographic Design, Campaign Art direction, & Social Media

Series of infographic cards designed to highlight where gender equality stands across various investment areas and ways to drive concrete action.

Infographic that outlines evidence around how boy and men are key partners in advancing gender equality, developed in partnership with Dove + MenCare and Promundo.

Infographic on women in leadership.

An infographic on the importance and benefits of investing in women-focused civil society organizations (CSOs) in humanitarian settings.

An infographic on the importance of scaling up gender-sensitive humanitarian action.

Infographic on how to invest in modern contraception and safe abortion to drive gender equality and girls’ and women’s health and rights.

Infographic on why girls and women are critical to development and the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

An infographic developed with the World Food Programme on the unequal burden of global food insecurity on girls and women, and the ripple effect of investing in gender-sensitive nutrition programs.