A bit about me

I'm Tina Mukherjee (muk-her-jee). I'm a Jersey-bred, Indian grown, Philly educated, Multi-disciplinary Art Director with a keen interest in contributing to society using design. I believe design makes a real tangible impact on the world and plays a huge (albeit, sometimes subtle) role in how people understand issues, people, and products.

What I do is help uncover what was already apart of your organization. I take your goals, passion, and all the tiny details that make you unique — and I give all of those aspects of your organization a voice and a presence that people can’t ignore. You already know that what you do is game changing, but I’m the one that will help others to understand it.

I specialize designing across a variety of mediums and am always willing to take on any sort of unique creative challenge. I can be thrown into the fire at any point in a production pipeline. Whether my involvement comes in the midst of a large collaborative effort or at the project kickoff, my capabilities are the same. Having participated in countless projects, I am always happy to be available on the client-side — presenting work, talking through revisions, or just checking in.

If you want to make a difference or re-imagine the world we live in, I’d love to be a part of it. Please get in touch!

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